At Clark Manufacturing, we have made metal parts for some of the most iconic names in America. Like the Space Shuttle, Air Force One, Boeing and Pizza Hut. Fortunately, durability and precision never go out of style. Our company traces its history to World War II, when its first plant opened to supply aviation parts for the nation’s war effort. Soon, there were five plants. With many of our male employees away fighting, “Rosie the Riveters” stepped in to do the job. When the war was won, we turned to supplying the nation’s booming commercial aviation industry, placing parts in entire fleets of planes made by Boeing, Cessna and other aircraft manufacturers Peace and prosperity brought calls for many other products as well, like the 50,000 pizza pans made for a then-new restaurant chain called Pizza Hut, camper shells for Sears and hundreds of other items. Our metal parts have even been to outer space on the Space Shuttle and Lunar Rover Vehicle, not to mention around the world as part of Air Force One.

Today, we continue to evolve to meet the market for metal parts and products that are durable, innovative and made with industry certified precision. Serving the aviation and defense sectors remains paramount but we supply many other industries as well. Our skilled tooling division produces dies for other manufacturers as well. We’re still a family business, owned by two female descendants of the founder. We think Rosie would be proud!

Quality parts are only effective if they’re delivered on time, and Clark has one of the highest quality delivery ratings in the business. As “just in time” delivery becomes more important for customers seeking to reduce overhead costs, we use a sophisticated delivery coordination system to get parts where they’re supposed to be, when they supposed to be there. Our company routinely wins “gold” ratings from manufacturers in the aerospace industry.

To help our customers/partners succeed in a global market, we price our work competitively. Clark boasts one of the most attractive shop rates in the industry and is always reevaluating  processes and costs, looking for innovative ways to pass on savings without compromising quality.

Clark excels as a supplier of metal detail parts for small sub-assembly jobs in the aviation and defense industries. We retain control of each step in-house, performing our own programming, tooling, processing and the majority of finishing. Clark was the first women-owned company to be approved for ISO 9000 when the became the industry standard quality assurance system. Today we utilize the know-how of longtime employees attracted by the opportunity to work for a family-owned business.

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